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Nina Brown

I've been a member of MCPC since 1966. I agreed to serve on the PNC because I felt God calling me to the task. Somewhere there is a pastor who  is ready to lead this congregation to a closer relationship with the Lord.  I want to help find this individual and bring them home. 
Lynn Davidson
I've been a member of Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church since 2013, but I've been participating in the BBQ since 1995. I agreed to be on the Pastor Nominating Committee because I felt called to help in the search, and because I've had some experience with job searches in the past.  I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the Presbyterian theology, and I am not afraid of hard work.  Plus, I love this church, and I want to serve in whatever capacity God wishes me to serve.
As far as what I hope to accomplish, I hope we'll successfully find the person God has chosen to lead this congregation as we strive to do His will in our church, our community, and our world.
James DeArmon
I was born into Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, I am married to Sheila and we have a daughter, Sarah. I have served as a Deacon and an Elder along with many other committees. I served on a former PNC to bring Pastor Shawn Barkley to MCPC. If elected, I look forward to helping find a Pastor to further MCPC’s growth, that will meet the needs of all congregates, and  to encourage us to be a welcoming and open Church for all.
Jamie Garrison
I am a lifelong member of Mallard Creek. I have helped with the BBQ, Youth Club, and Mission Trips. I felt called to be on the PNC because I want to be more involved in the church that raised me. My goal is to help find a pastor who loves our church and wants to help us move forward in our faith with God.
Darrell Thomas
Member for 65+ years Committee asked me to serve, felt called to accept. Hope to be a part of finding the Senior Pastor that God has already picked.
Wendy Oehler White
Lifelong member. I felt led by the Holy Spirit. Also, to serve the church as an MCPC member who represents a portion of the congregation and who strives to be the voice and representation for that demographic. In addition, I have the mind set for the best interests of the church as a whole and a broad enough perspective to see beyond my own personal preferences and needs. Prayerful discernment. To hear and follow God's plan for MCPC. To help the church achieve it's objectives through finding a pastor who matches our vision, work ethic, culture, and most importantly, our church's heart.
Bill Wood
Member of MCPC for 28 years. Co-Chairmen of the BBQ for 9 years.  I felt called to be part of the process to find a Pastor, who will take us to the next level of worship, participation and growth. I believe that person is waiting for us, and thru prayerful consideration, we will be successful.