Contact Rev. Rob Watkins at 704.547.0038 or visit to discuss how we can best nourish your growth in Christ, and how you can best offer your gifts to God through the congregation. Rev. Watkins reviews the pew pads each Monday morning and reaches out to those who express a desire to be contacted.

Once you feel called to join the congregation, you'll be welcomed by the Session in the Church Parlor at 10:15 am, prior to being introduced to the congregation at the 10:30 am service.

Three Ways to Join:

Transfer of membership from another Christian organization.
Reaffirming your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
(This means that you currently are not active in a congregation, but have been baptized.)
Profession of faith in Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord.
(In this case, you are new to the faith and will be baptized if you have not been yet.)